Running Internet Explorer on your iPad or Android Tablet for Apps that require specific browser settings

Many core business applications Internet Explorerrequire Internet Explorer but IE doesn’t run on tablets

We’ve been running into this scenario more and more lately where a client’s core application requires only IE and needs specific browser settings to run and their users need the applications to work on their iPads or tablets.  Of course, IE doesn’t run on these devices.

Our solution to this problem has quite effectively been a Hosted Virtual Browser which can be configured to any version if IE and with the specific settings required for the application.  Some key advantages to this are:

  • The hosted virtual browser is locked down so the end user cannot accidentally change the settings or manually apply a Windows update which might change the settings.
  • The hosted virtual browser can run on any iPad, Android tablet, PC, Mac, or thin client and runs independently of any other installed browser.  So, if the app requires IE 8 in the hosted virtual browser it can run separately even on a PC running IE 9 without any conflicts.
  • The hosted virtual browser may run as a standalone application or as part of a complete ICC Hosted Virtual Destkop.
  • The hosted virtual browser can be set-up in a matter of days and is much less expensive than rewriting applications for new browsers or converting them to a custom mobile app.
  • The hosted virtual browser is a simple way to provide a BYOD program for access to browser based applications.

We find that our hosted virtual browser is a great solution coupled with ICC’s Cloud delivery service since many organizations may need a quick and easy solution for their growing number of mobile users.  Through ICC there’s no capital expenditure for hardware or software just a monthly, by the user cost, which scales one user at a time as new users with mobile devices are added.

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About Mark Moeller

Mark Moeller, Vice President Business Development, for ICC Global Hosting. As Vice President of Business Development, Mark is responsible for building and executing ICC’s sales and marketing strategy. Mark brings to the company over 20 years of technology sales and marketing experience with expertise in virtualization, information security, and bank technology. He has sold enterprise and SMB solutions both directly and indirectly, built and managed sales teams and channels programs, and developed technology partnerships. Mark has been trained as a CCSP for Desktop Virtualization, and Server Virtualization (Citrix Certified Sales Professional), a VMware VSP (Desktop Manageability and Security), been a speaker for numerous groups, and has in-depth knowledge of selling virtual desktops. Mark is a resident of Atlanta; a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, OH; and was raised in Louisville, KY.

21 responses to “Running Internet Explorer on your iPad or Android Tablet for Apps that require specific browser settings”

  1. Mark Moeller says :

    This blog post has created some questions about the availability of this service in smaller numbers for special use cases or BYOD deployments. ICC Global Hosting does offer a hosted BYO program for smaller deployments and specialty use cases. Hosted BYO can provide the hosted virtual browser or a full hosted virtual desktop on any device. More information about ICC’s Hosted BYO program for pilots or production is available at for quantities as low as 10 users.

  2. lola says :

    Hello,how can I download internet explorer on my ipad.I tried using the default ipad browser(safari) but it told me safari can’t download.please assist me.thank you

    • Mark Moeller says :

      Unfortunately, you cannot install Internet Explorer directly on your iPad. The method of running IE or other PC apps in a hosted virtual desktop or as a hosted application in my blog post gives an iPad user the ability to run any PC app or even a full Windows desktop on their iPad. This may sound a bit confusing but for those who need a specific version or unique plug-ins for IE this is a great way to go. This is typically a use case purchased for a company or organization with ICC Global Hosting usually requiring a minimum of 10 users that can scale to thousands or users.

  3. Mark Moeller says :

    Chrome running on the iPad – Google’s Chrome App for IOS was released today in the iTunes store. It works well but for those corporate users that need a specific version of Internet Explorer, or a specific .NET version, or IE with Silverlight the hosted virtual browser is still an excellent option to run IE on an iPad or Android tablet.

  4. Val Jurgena says :

    I am in a nursing program that requires us to use ipads and have ebooks. We use a site called ATI that needs IE and silverlight to operate and am wondering what type of price you are talking about for 30-40 people to use ICC global hosting? ATI says they are working on it but they have telling us that for 2 months now and it is very difficult for myself and other students to have to go and get on a desktop or laptop to be able to utilize this site with such heavy class loads. The portable/small ipad was supposed to be the answer to that issue, but alas it was not.

    • Mark Moeller says :

      Val, I have responded privately with some pricing information in response to your question. Yes, this could be easily done with a hosted browser session and we could provide the specific versions of IE and Microsoft Silverlight as recommended by ATI.

      • Uday says :


        What is the cost for 10 users. We have a IE based application for SFA and my company is planning to give ipads to the sales people.


      • Mark Moeller says :

        Thank you for your comment on our Blog. I’ve also answered in private so you’ll have my contact information if you would like to talk about the details. Generally for a single hosted application like IE, the cost runs $30 per person per month with a minimum of 10 users and a $250 set-up fee. We can provide any version of IE you want so if you need a specific version we can do that and prevent the users from changing or upgrading the version which seems to work very well for SFA and other apps that require a specific IE version.

        Please let me know if you would like more detail.


  5. RCPS says :

    I think Android device software Developer should come forward to give solution for running IE. Majority of user / organisations are still using IE either wishfully or forcefully. In such case they can not use Android device.

    • Mark Moeller says :

      Yes, it would be easier if IE was made into an app for Android or iOS devices but since IE is Microsoft’s application it’s not likely. Particularly with the new Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 introductions.

  6. John says :

    Hi Mark, is this an option that is affordable for an individual? I work for a national company as an independent rep. Their technology is archaic and I simply would like to be able to access my online ordering system, which requires IE, on an iPad or tablet.

    I have confirmed that they will not be investing in any upgrades, so instead of being able to place orders on-site or checking inventory (unless I lug my laptop around) I will have to wait to get to my home office and my PC environment to do this.

    The cost may outweigh the convenience but it would be nice to know if I have an option.

    Let me know, and thanks.

    • Mark Moeller says :

      Hello John,

      There are some base, per client costs, to create each client in their own secure environment which are typically more than an individual would want to pay. As a general rule of thumb I suggest a minimum of 10 users to make this a cost effective solution. We even offer a solution called our Hosted BYOD which starts at 10 users and can be very affordable for a small group of 10 or more. The pricing would be similar for a hosted browser or Hosted BYOD.

      Thanks for your interest,


      • John Keeney says :

        Thanks for the reply. I’m currently the only one wishing to have the option to use our software on a Mac so we will not be able to proceed.

        Appreciate the information though!


  7. george muhuhu says :

    Hi the tablet cannot be a business tool hence make it one

    • Mark Moeller says :


      You have a point. I don’t know that the tablet was originally meant to be a business tool but it has become one since the consumers that buy them have found them easier and more convenient than their PC – business tool. We talk to lots of organizations looking for a Hosted IE since they have apps that only work with Internet Explorer and all of their users are demanding Hosted Internet Explorer for their iPad and Android tablet users.


  8. Lisa Trombley says :

    I only need IE to look @ my paystub bc my hospital has went paperless and the Portal only uses IE…I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I think its quite ridiculous that Microsoft can’t offer a version for Tablets…its not like their billions wld be affected. LT

    • Mark Moeller says :

      There are a surprising number of web based applications that require and IE and long as Microsoft can capitalize off of that I expect they will. ICC offers clients a Hosted Internet Explorer service that runs on virtually any platform but it would be hard to justify this just to view your paystub.

  9. Mark Moeller says :

    We continue to see huge interest in our Hosted IE service and are expanding to offer new options with different price points. We’re seeing lots of interest in Hosted IE for property management, auto dealers, education, and other use cases. What’s your use case for Hosted IE?

  10. Kathia says :

    The bottom line is: I’m not going to be able to download explorer to my iPad Air??

    • Mark Moeller says :


      That is correct. You cannot run IE natively on any Apple product. You cannot run IE on an Android device either which is why we offer the hosted IE solution.

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